Episode 35: Will Sexton

happy 2012! wow! it sounds so apocalypse-y. do you believe that the mayans could predict the end of the world? i don't. these are people that sacrificed their own people to their gods. they thought the sun was a happy dude. so, as far as their apocalyptic visions for 2012, they mean nothing to me. that's not to say that when i heard the news about an earthquake on new years day, i didn't freak the fuck out. so, in closing, i don't believe the mayans. however, if they're right, hijo de la chingada!!!!

my guest for episode 35 is my dear friend of 27 years, will sexton. will is a brilliant singer/songwriter, an amazing and extremely surreal guitar player and one of my favorite bass players in the world. will grew up around musicians like stevie ray vaughan, the fabulous thunderbirds, countless blues legends. playing the clubs as a little kid, touring at 14, major-label record deal at 15, finding his true voice as a songwriter at 20, fatherhood, staff songwriter, a stroke, recovery. through all of this, will has written a wealth of songs that tell profound stories and feature rich and often sad characters. he has inspired me, made me laugh and always made me proud to be his friend since i was 16 years old. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg


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  • Anonymous

    Thank you for interviewing Will. I’ve been a longtime fan and always look forward to anything that I can find about his career.

    Jan 5, 2012 at 11:33 pm
  • Mason Bechtel

    Thought provoking interview. I have been a huge fan of Wills for many years. The 1st time I met him was @ the Mucky Duck in Houston….we ended up on stage lying down after the gig talking about Leonard Cohen and drugs….it was an instant cosmic connection on my part. I just saw him last night, he’s an amazing songwriter, his music touches my soul…he sang a song for me, a gift really. After Townes, it’s all Will.

    Jan 6, 2012 at 1:15 pm
  • Robert George

    I grew up playing music in Austin and had always heard of Will and Charlie but never had occasion to meet either of them. To me they felt like untouchable music icons that were blessed with a gift. I really feel that this interview, as with so many of you others, brings a real human element to someone who I’d always thought of as a personality rather than a person. I was very saddened when I’d heard about Will’s health issues, but hearing him speak about it and even the little joke between you two at the end brings a sense of comfort that he has great friends around him like you. Thanks for this one and all other 34 I’ve listened to.

    Feb 1, 2012 at 5:07 am