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Friday Jun 26, 2015

hello friends! i hope you are living life like an angel of love and happiness. i am well. i am working on some guitar stuff for a gig i'm playing next friday with amy edwards. it's really fun to just play electric guitar and be loud and not even have to sing. i'm looking forward to it. also, i wanted to let you guys know that i'll be playing some songs with the bluebonnets next thursday at the grand opening for the townsend which is a new, swanky club opening here in austin. also, while we're on the subject of gigs.. i'm playing song swap with william harries graham on sunday, july 5th at the continental club gallery. come out and say hi!my guest for episode 390 is talented singer/songwriter, kalu james! this is kalu's second time on the show. he's had a couple of life changing years since he was last on the show a couple of years ago. i saw him play a month or so ago and was reminded what a great artist he is and what a genuine and nice person he is. so, we did it again. we have a great conversation about, the magic in the continental club gallery, becoming the man of the family, re-prioritizing life, writing songs about nothing, über adventures, american racism, a live album in the can and much, much more! i want to thank kalu for coming in and being so honest and real about where he is in his life. kalu is a great artist and a great guy. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did. let's get down! ciao! -jg

Episode 229: Kalu James

Thursday Dec 12, 2013

Thursday Dec 12, 2013

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. things are all good here in johnny world. hey! if you're in austin next friday, december 20th, i'll be playing a solo show at the one-2-one bar from 6-7pm. a happy hour holiday solo show! come out and say ho! i've been booking a lot of guests for 2014 already. looking to the festivals to see what kind of cool guests i can get for the show. do you have any ideas for guests? let us know at the "how did i get here?" facebook page. my guest for episode 229 is nigerian born singer/songwriter, kalu james. i had met kalu over the years, but never really sat down and talked to him. well, a couple of weeks ago he came over and we had a great conversation. we talked about growing up in nigeria, finding bootleg steely dan cassettes in nigerian  market places, moving to new york for college, playing around in the open mic scene, fela kuti, treacherous restaurant gigs and much, much more. it's a great conversation. kalu is a fun and interesting guy to talk to. enjoy!ciao! -jg

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