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Episode 314: John Bush

Monday Oct 06, 2014

Monday Oct 06, 2014

hello friends! sorry about the intro to this show. i've been suffering from allergies and some days the medicine works and other days, i'm just living in a cloud. today is one of those days... so, rocktober is here! the austin city limits festival is in town, it's not as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago, my birthday is coming up pretty soon and i'm into it! how are you? if you live in pflugerville and you're not participating in the acl activities, SKYROCKET! will be playing at hanover's in tonight, friday, october 3rd. other than that, i'm heading out of town tomorrow with to play a show in hunt, tx. should be interesting. my guest for episode 314 is drummer/percussionist and now frontman of his very own band, john bush!!! you might know john from edie brickell and the new bohemians, critters buggin', the small stars, the greezy wheels and many other bands. i've met him over the years and got to jam with his all-star band at the one-2-one bar a couple of weeks ago, but i've never gotten to sit down and get to know him. well, a couple of weeks ago he came by the apartment and we took care of that. i hope you enjoy getting to know the incredibly talented and the incredibly cool, john bush. i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 229: Kalu James

Thursday Dec 12, 2013

Thursday Dec 12, 2013

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. things are all good here in johnny world. hey! if you're in austin next friday, december 20th, i'll be playing a solo show at the one-2-one bar from 6-7pm. a happy hour holiday solo show! come out and say ho! i've been booking a lot of guests for 2014 already. looking to the festivals to see what kind of cool guests i can get for the show. do you have any ideas for guests? let us know at the "how did i get here?" facebook page. my guest for episode 229 is nigerian born singer/songwriter, kalu james. i had met kalu over the years, but never really sat down and talked to him. well, a couple of weeks ago he came over and we had a great conversation. we talked about growing up in nigeria, finding bootleg steely dan cassettes in nigerian  market places, moving to new york for college, playing around in the open mic scene, fela kuti, treacherous restaurant gigs and much, much more. it's a great conversation. kalu is a fun and interesting guy to talk to. enjoy!ciao! -jg

Friday Aug 03, 2012

hey everyone! i hope you're well. i conducted the interview for episode 1 of this podcast ONE YEAR AGO TODAY with my first guest, suzanna choffel. the interview came out on august 10th but i did the interview on the 3rd. so, it's the beginning of our anniversaries. next week, the show is 1 year old and in a few weeks we hit episode 100!!! thank YOU for listening, telling your friends and for all the support. i'm looking forward to more years of great guests and conversations.
my guest for episode 91 is the lovely and extremely cool, sarah rucker. sarah isn't a musician, she works on the side of the industry that we don't normally get to see. she works for texas folklife, a non-profit that helps, supports and exposes traditional art (music, art, dance). hence, keeping those traditions alive. when i met sarah around 8 years ago, she was a volunteer street team member that might not have even been 20 years old. over the last few years, she worked her way into the business and stayed a huge fan and is now a respected member of the music community and i think that's really cool. plus, sarah is a great hang. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

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