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Thursday Oct 24, 2019

Hello friends! Guitar player, Kenny Withrow from Edie Brickell & New Bohemians is my guest for episode 851! New Bohemians are back together, making new music and they've been on the road and playing festivals this summer. Their latest album, the adventurous and gorgeous, ROCKET is available wherever you stream and download your jams. They've actually been in the studio recording a new album that should be out in 2020. The New Bohemians will be doing an instrumental set at "Day Of The Dead Head" in Austin on Saturday, November 2nd Click HERE for details. Go to for all of your Edie Brickell & New Bohemians music, tour dates, videos and more. Kenny and I sat down at Sound Check here in Austin and had a great conversation about the unusual ascension of New Bohemians, his guitar style, making ROCKET, getting to play with Bob Weir and much more. I had a great time getting to know Kenny. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!
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Ciao! -JG

Tuesday Oct 22, 2019

Hello friends! Traditional and original American music trio, Steel Betty are my guests for episode 850! Their latest album, the gorgeous, So Darn Lonesome is available now on CD Baby. Go to for music, videos, show dates and more. We have a great conversation about Ken Burns' "Country Music" documentary, the culture of Bluegrass Festivals, their love of traditional American music and much more! I had a great time getting to know Steel Betty. I'm sure you will too. Plus, Zach Black from psychedelic, hard rock, ska band, Souls Extolled stops by to talk about their debut album, Follow The Ghost, playing "Frights and Sounds Fest" in San Marcos this weekend. Go to for music, show dates and more. Let's get down!
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Ciao! -JG

Episode 657: The Wheelwrights

Tuesday Jan 02, 2018

Tuesday Jan 02, 2018

Happy 2018! Austin indie/folk trio, The Wheelwrights are my guests for episode 657! Their debut album, A Forest In Trees is available now where ever you stream or download music. They're playing a show at Lemon Lounge in Austin, TX on Saturday, January 20th. You can find all their info at Band members, Seth Grueneberg, Jon-Michael Rogers and Anna Larson came by a few weeks ago and we had a great conversation about how they worked with 12 visual artists and 3 studios/producers to create 13 songs paired with unique pieces of art to make A Forest In Trees, parenting, how they came together as a band, Anna's son's spirit animal is James Brown, unlearning a classical music education and much, much more! I had a great time getting to know The Wheelwrights. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!
ciao! jg

Episode 583: Redd Volkaert

Friday Apr 14, 2017

Friday Apr 14, 2017

One of Austin's greatest musicians, Barry "Frosty" Smith passed away on Wednesday. He was 71. His vast and impressive list of credits includes Funkadelic, Lee Michaels, Sly and the Family Stone, Jimmie Vaughan, Soulhat, Papa Mali, Delbert Mclinton and many, many more. I was lucky to get see him play so many times over the years and it was always an inspiring experience. The last time I saw him was around three years ago at the Continental Club Gallery where he was playing with Mike Flanigin.  That night, I saw the master at work and then got to exchange a few words after. Rest in peace Frosty. Thank you for the groove. We'll miss you.
My guest for episode 583 is the amazingly talented guitar legend, Redd Volkaert! You might know Redd from his work with Brad Paisley, George Jones, Tim Mcgraw, Dolly Parton, his years with Merle Haggard and many, many more. He's put out several albums and instructional videos. If you live in Austin, you can see him every Saturday at 3:30 pm at The Continental Club and every Sunday at 7:00 pm with his band, Haybale at The Continental Club as well. Redd and I have a great conversation about growing up in Canada, falling in love with the guitar, his years in California, playing with Merle Haggard, what inspires him and much, much more! I hope you enjoy getting to know Redd. I sure did. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Friday Feb 26, 2016

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well and ready for the weekend! things are good here. i have a week off from skyrocket. no gigs. maybe a movie, see some music, go out to dinner with my cousin megan and of course, the oscars. is anyone having a fabulous oscar party? if you are, invite me.
my friend, bill carter returns to the show for episode 467! his gorgeous new album, innocent victims and evil companions is out today (friday february 26th)! bill is an amazing story teller and poet. his songs and the characters in the songs take you somewhere real, painful and beautiful. innocent victims and evil companions will take you on a colorful journey you can only take with bill carter. you can find it at bill came by a few weeks ago and we got to sit down and talk about making the album, touring, writing songs, solar powered radio stations and much, much more! i hope you enjoy my conversation with bill carter as much as i did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Episode 448: The Trishas

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i should be doing well. i'm spending the christmas week with my family in houston and these shows have all been lade in advance and i'm taking a legitimate week off from my work. i don't do that much. some weeks are slow with skyrocket, solo stuff or the podcast, but i never really just "unplug" for a week and not do any work. i'm looking forward to this break. hopefully, i'm enjoying it. my guests for episode 448 are americana darlings, the trishas! yes. i know they're not currently "super-active" as a band, but i have been trying to get them on the show since i started it. luckily they were playing some shows in new york, south texas and austin a few weeks ago and i got them to stop by bright and early one morning after a show. it was even more fun and hilarious than i imagined it would be. these are some of the most talented, hard working, prolific artists i know. they're also the most entertaining group of people to be around. i hope they work together more simply because something magical happens when they're together. i hope you enjoy my morning with the trishas as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Dec 11, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. it really feels like a strange time and i hit a breaking point on tuesday... i freaked out on internet people who ended up blocking me on facebook. i hit a breaking point. i'm not proud, but i bet you're feeling that if you watch the news and read your facebook feeds. anyway, i'm better now. i have a lot of christmas shopping to do. i have music and art to make, podcasts to do and put out, skyrocket shows to play, a wonderful girlfriend that i love, an amazing family, two dogs that i love. i guess i can just focus on that and trying to make that all work. that's what i decided. my guest for episode 444 is singer/songwriter, jason robert blum! jason just released a gorgeous new album, invisible words. he made the record at plyrz studio in los angeles. it was produced by the great jim scott and features the talents of jj johnson, dave palmer, blake mills and dave monsey. find it on itunes or at jason and i have a great conversation about making the record, his many travels, our tv show idea "fishing for gonorrhea" and much, much more. i'm sure you're going to love getting to know jason. he's a good hang. before that, i sit down for a few minutes with brian and andy from the new musician/audience/venue uniting app, gigtown. the gigtown guys were in austn launching their new app which has already taken off in san diego and now they're branching out to austin and seattle. they're really good guys with a great idea to help musicians connect with their audience. check our conversation. it's informative. also go to to find out more. have a great weekend! let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Nov 06, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. before we get to my conversation with ben balmer, i have a quick chat with michelle faires, producer of "honky tonk heaven: the story of the broken spoke" a documentary about the legendary texas honky tonk. they've just started editing and they've started a kickstarter campaign to finish up their movie. michelle gives us an insight to the story, but you can check it out and give at do it!my guest for episode 433 is singer/songwriter, ben balmer! i just happened to see ben a couple of months ago when he opened for aly tadros at a house concert. i was blown away by his songs and his performance, so i asked him to come over for a chat. well, he did and we had a great conversation about his newest album loose lips, sunk ships, bruised hips and boozed lips, touring the u.s. and europe, he played a song live on the show and much, much more. i hope you enjoy getting to know ben as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Oct 16, 2015

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you all happy and healthy. i am a bit hungover as i celebrated my birthday last night. it was a blast. saw the wonderful dawn & hawkes play, then i had a fabulous dinner, then went to se my old pal aj play and met up with a bunch of friends. great night! if you're in austin tonight, october, 16th and looking for something to do, skyrocket will be playing at the one-2-one bar at 9 pm. come out and party with guest for episode 425 is singer/songwriter/drummer/guitar player/renaissance texan and texas music hall of famer, freddie steady krc! freddie has been a staple on the austin scene since the 1970's when he played drums with the likes of b.w. stevenson, jerry jeff walker, carole king and more. he went on to start the new wave/power pop band, the explosives in the late 70's. then a string of great country and garage rock bands including freddie steady 5, shakin' apostles, freddie steady's wild country and many more. freddie continues to write and play with his many bands, he owns a record label and now runs the austin chapter of the musicians union. freddie and i have an awesome and long conversation about his journey. i hope you enjoy getting to know freddie steady as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all enjoyeing summer. when this comes out i'll be getting ready to leave galveston and return to austin for our live recording of episode 400 tomorrow, wednesday, july 29th from 8-10pm at the townsend! my guests will be, aj vallejo, jazz mills, suzanna choffel, nakia and justin elliott! come celebrate 400 episodes with us!welcome to episode 399: songs from the podcast. over the last year i've had well over 100 guests come by the apartment, talk to me at festival, meet me at werd podcast studios and even meeting at undisclosed locations, to talk about where they're at with their music life and music career. often times, these people are coming by during their "press assaults" promoting their latest album or single. sometimes i end up getting turned on to a new band, artist, album or song. in fact, it happens all the time. i love when a podcast is over and the artist's music stays with me and i become a fan. with well over 100 artists on the show over the last year, i got turned on a bunch of music. in this episode i included 15 songs that i loved. there so many more, that i started a playlist on spotify titled, "episode 399: songs from the podcast" you can find a link to it on our facebook page check it out there are a lot of songs on there. so, i get to play d.j. and spin tunes from shivery shakes, little brave, quiet company, billy harvey, migrant kids, the blue bonnets, bob schneider, phranchyze, dwight twilley, t.a.p.e.s., skinny lister, cautiontape, the wind + the wave, LEV and wild adriatic! hopefully, this mix sparks your interest in some of these bands and makes you check out the spotify playlist where you can check out even more music from the podcast. i hope you enjoy listening to this as much as i enjoyed making it. let's get down!ciao! -jg

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