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Friday Dec 22, 2017

Hello friends! I hope you all have a very happy holiday! Austin-based frontman,songwriter and guitar aficionado Andy Macintyre is my guest for episode 654! Andy's kick-ass new EP, Melomania doesn't drop until April 14th, but the first single, "Meloman" drops in January. Melomania was recorded at at Wire Recording ​studio with Stuart Sullivan (Sublime, Meat Puppets, Jimmie Vaughan) ​and Eric Harrison at Studio 601 (MGMT, Capital Cities,​ ​Jason​ ​Isbell)​, and mixed by the legendary Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, U2, Tears for Fears, Blue October). You can find him at Andy and I have a great conversation about growing up in Chicago with hippie parents that hipped him to the good music, his alternative rock influence mixed with blue-based guitar and much much more! I had a great time getting to know Andy. I'm sure you will too. Plus, Chris Searles from and singer/songwriter Giulia Millanta stop by to talk about the  "Tom & Us" event next Thursday, 12/28 at One-2-One Bar here in Austin. Go to the "Tom & Us" Facbeook page for more info. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Friday Jun 05, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all pulling the magic sword out of the stone of life. i'm doing well. excited to be in my bathing suit. i have a gig tonight, but i'm off the rest of the weekend. looking forward to seeing the brian wilson movie and "san andreas", going swimming, hitting a bar be que and who knows what else. it's summer and i'm in the zone! my guest for episode 384 is austrian blues rocker, ulrich ellison! this is ulrich's second time on the show. he and his band, ulrich ellison and tribe just released a new album, dreamchaser, toured europe and are about to embark on a midwest tour next week! we have a fantastic conversation about the "tribe", touring europe and the u.s., making dreamchaser and much, much more. also, alex and jen from the austin music foundation stop by and fill us in on their function in the austin community, the recent austin music census, wine down tuesdays and all of the events they promote and much more. if you live in austin and are a local, music-based business or a musician, the austin music foundation is there to help you. have a great weekend. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Aug 08, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i can't believe we're almost at episode 300. wow. i am so glad i started doing this. i wanted to let you guys know that i will be taking part in the soundtrack series podcast tomorrow, saturday 8/9 at 8pm. they'll be recording it live at the nd. this is my second appearance on the show and i'm really excited about it. the soundtrack series is a storytelling podcast where people choose a song and tell a story about how that song affected them. they're usually very funny and touching. dale dudley, laurie gallardo and many others will be on the show. here's a link to the site on the show today we have a visit from dr. ellen jefferson from austin pets alive! she stopped by and we talked about how people can get involved and help keep austin a "no kill city". even if you don't live in austin, she has some great ideas about how to make your city a "no kill" city. check it out. get guests for episode 298 are orb recording studio owners and members of blue october, matt novesky and cb hudson! these guys have opened the top-of-the-line, first-class studio. orb recording studios has already recorded the likes of justin bieber, lil wayne, blue october, quiet company and many, many more. i suggest you look at it for yourself. simply got to anyway, we have a great conversation about their philosophy, their vision behind the studio, blue october and much, much more. cb and matt are cool, soulful guys that are really reaching for the stars and making a creative environment that is the best around to create the best art possible. i know they'll do well. i hope enjoy my conversation with them. i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 267: John Tole

Monday Apr 21, 2014

Monday Apr 21, 2014

hello friends! i hope you all had a wonderful passover or record store day or easter or earth day or 4/20 day. a lot of celebrating over the last week. i got some good record store day records... jay-z the black album, ume monuments and a couple of days earlier i got kiss alive and a laura nyro album that i heard about while listening to the paul stanley autobiography. good scores! the record stores were full. i saw my friend eve who owns antone's records at end of an ear records, so there was a spirit of solidarity among the record store owners. what a magical day. did you get anything?my guest for episode 267 is one of my favorite comics and one of my favorite people to talk to, john tole! i met john a couple of years ago after one of the "monkeyshine mondays" shows and we hit it off. so, i had john on the podcast over a year ago but i accidentally deleted it before i could put it out. i've always felt terrible about that. luckily, we made up for it with this conversation. john is an amazing comic, a prolific podcaster, he has 4256 productions where he puts out 4 podcasts, "disrupt the illusion", "after the illusion", "cart path diem" and "take it under advisement". he's always on the road and you can find out when he's coming to your town and what ever else you need to know about john tole at i hope you enjoy our crazy conversation. i sure did. ladies and gentlemen, john tole.ciao! -jg

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