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Episode 612: The Reputations

Tuesday Jul 25, 2017

Tuesday Jul 25, 2017

Hello gang! I hope you all had a good weekend. My guests for episode 612 are Rockyanne Bullwinkle, Justin Smith and Jimmy Wildcat from The Reputations!Their debut album, Begging For More came out in march and is available now where ever you get your music. They'll be playing this Saturday, July 29th at Empire Control Room here in Austin. You can get their album and find out more about them at their Bandcamp Page Rocky, Jimmy, Justin and I have a great conversation about how they came together from different bands, recording Begging For More on their own, the magic of ABBA, making an album with Jody Stephens (Big Star) at the production helm, (Jody makes a special appearance on the show via speaker phone), what the future holds for them and much, much more. I had a great time getting to know these fine folks. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Episode 288: Kelley Mickwee

Friday Jul 04, 2014

Friday Jul 04, 2014

happy 4th of july my fellow americans! for those of you not in the u.s., happy friday! i hope you're all well and you have great plans for this holiday. i woke up today to the pool at my apartments totally trashed. i saw a bunch of people partying like crazy when i got home from my gig last night at like midnight. now there are beer cans everywhere, tables are turned over and the exercise room is totally flooded because they stopped up the toilets. why am i complaining to you? because i think it's ugly. don't trash public places. i was gonna spend some time at the pool today. now i can't. happy 4th of july!my guest for episode 288 is singer/songwriter, kelley mickwee! you might know her from americana sensation, the trishas. well, the trishas are on hiatus and kelley has taken it upon herself to make a solo album. her self-produced, debut solo album, you used to live here, comes out on july 22nd. you can go to to hear some of it. it's amazing! she's already gotten some great reviews and recognition for making a very special album. kelley came by and we talked about making her record in memphis, writing her first songs after getting a publishing deal, professional songwriting appointments in nashville, inside the trishas' phenomenal rise and much, much more. kelley is super cool and a great hang! i hope you like getting to know her as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Tuesday May 27, 2014

hello friends of nature! i hope you're all living high on the hog and other weird phrases that i don't understand. i'm good. i had a weekend of playing with SKYROCKET!. we played a graduation party and the next night we played comicpalooza in houston. good times. i'm about to go over some songs because i'm sitting in with the great jeff plankenhorn tonight at strange brew. i'm looking forward to it. he's having me out because i'm taking over his tuesday residency this summer. i'm doing a couple of live podcasts in june and then playing and hosting a music showcase night in july and august. yes!!! if you live in austin, you should come out to our live podcast recording on tuesday, june 3rd at strange brew in austin. my guests will be suzanna choffel, trish murphy, jazz mils and elizabeth mcqueen. come out and be a part of this show!my guests for episode 277 are the amazingly talented amy lavere and will sexton! amy is a songwriter and amazing stand-up bass player. her new album, runaway's diary just came out today on archer records. the album is absolutely gorgeous. amy and will came by before they head out to the u.k. and the mid-west and west coast for a record release tour. i just met amy a few months ago and heard her and will play and i thought the sound that they made was beautiful. so, i reached out and finally got her in to find out what she's all about. will is a dear old friend of mine (almost 30 years) and one of the musicians/people that respect most in this world. they came by and we got into the whole thing, being a tour guide at sun studios, making records, touring as a couple and much, much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation as much as i did.ciao! -jg

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