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Tuesday Nov 19, 2019

Hello friends! San Francisco based screenwriter/songwriter, Shwa Losben returns for episode 859! Shwa's first album in 9 years, the beautiful, You Would have Loved It, produced by Lang Freeman, dropped a couple of weeks ago and is available wherever you stream or download your jams. Go to for more music and info. Shwa was in a few weeks ago for a screenwriting conference and we had a chance to sit down and catch up. We have a great conversation about his years on tour by himself, making You Would have Loved It, moving to San Francisco and studying screen writing, married life and much more! I had a great time catching up with Shwa. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!
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Ciao! -JG

Monday Aug 11, 2014

hello friends! welcome to episode 299: songs from the podcast! i get turned on to a lot of amazing music through this podcast. i get to hear some great music for the first time from doing this show. well, i would like to share some the music that i got turned on to through the podcast over the last hundred episodes. there is so much music that i can't put it all in the mix so i chose some songs that i have been listening to since i first heard them on the podcast. i hope you dig it. the playlist has music from ume, dana falconberry, salim nourallah, scorpion child, joseph king, leopold and his fiction, dupree, the mastersons, the soft white sixties, arp, spanish gold and sheboygan. i made a spotify playlist called, "how did i get here?" here's a link spotify playlist i want you guys to make your own spotify playlists and share them on our facebook page. i hope you enjoy this playlist i made for you. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Tuesday Jul 29, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i'm good. i'm up early, about to go running before it gets to 100 degrees. zuri and i had a great time last night. we went to dinner at some old friends' house for dinner. i saw other old friends. it was so fun. it made me realize that people need to have more dinner parties. it's nice to see old friends and it's nice to have a get together outside of a performance place or a bar. i'd like to thank adam and christy for the lovely dinner and amazing hang. if you're in austin tonight, tuesday, july 29th 2014, come out to strange brew. i'll be opening for the great steve poltz tonight instead of the regular residency show. come out! steve is amazing!my guest for episode 295 is photographer, christopher durst! i met chris a couple of months ago at a photo shoot for "music and mutts". i knew his work and seen a bunch of it online and was a fan already, but getting to know him has been a real pleasure. he's a class act. he's shot everyone from willie nelson to jane's addiction, traveled the world with bands and shot festivals around the world. his experience has been genuinely exciting because he's a real artist and he gets into the heart and soul of his subjects and brings that out in the some of the most beautiful visuals i've seen in a long time. the guy is a true talent. today he's launching a new company, music imagery inc.! it's a revolutionary business model set up to help musicians get the best images without having to pay out of pocket. find out more at i had a great time getting to know christopher. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i had an eventful weekend of shows, visiting family, sitting in traffic and eating at a bennigan's. i thought bennigan's were gone, but i found one in the woodlands, tx. it had the exact same vibe as those restaurant that gordon ramsay goes to to help "turn them around". sadly, this bennigan's was in the the kind of shape that i thought gordon ramsay was literally just about to walk in and have a shit-fit. i had a burger. it wasn't good. if you're in austin this thursday, april 10, 2014, i'll be playing a solo show at the one-2-one bar at 8 pm. ukemi, paco estrada and more are the bill. here's more info... 262 is another sxsw double-header! first up is san francisco rock band, the soft white sixties! they have a great album out called, get right. we got to sit down and chat at the driskill hotel. they're a great band, super cool guys and we had a fantastic conversation! next up is los angeles shoegazing dream pop band, the cold and lovely! i sat down with meghan and linda from the band at the driskill and we had a great conversation about their journey and making music and performing music. i also got a private performance from them the day after this on a hill. i love both of these bands and i'm really glad i got to talk to them. i hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as i did. ciao! -jg

Friday Apr 04, 2014

hello friends! i am up early this friday morning getting my shit together to head out of town with SKYROCKET! for three days. if you're in houston tomorrow, saturday 4/5/14, we'll be at the continental club. come out! it's a good time. this week i've spent a lot of time with comics. monday i played with sweat and lotion at the cap city comedy club for the live charlie hodge show, tuesday i talked to john tole for the podcast. if you listen to the show, you'll know we talked a year ago and it's the only episode i accidentally erased... this one is so good, i can't wait fo you to hear it. it'll be up in a month or so. yesterday i recorded a theme song for my pal, lucas molandes and his new podcast, "good grief". it's a sweet electronic dream pop jam. we had a good time. lots of laughs. i hope you're laughing.episode 261 is another sxsw 2014 double-header! first up, angelo moore and the brand new step! i have been a fan of angelo's since the 80's when i first heard fishbone. angelo has been making solo music for a number of years now since fishbone split up. he's back with an amazing band, the brand new step. they have a new album out and i got to see them play live and it was amazing. i loved talking to angelo and his bandmates. sadly it was a little too loud, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. i did. my second guest for episode 261 is the talented singer/songwriter/musician, kayce laine! kayce was on a couple of epsides ago with joseph king. she was here playing keys and bas with him. she gave me some songs to listen to and i found out she was doing an instore while she was here, so i went. we had a chat at a wine bar. kayce is a great songwriter and a great musician. when we met, it felt like i had met one of my tribe. her e.p. , lucid is on bandcap. check it out! i hope you enjoy this sxsw double-header. let's get down!ciao! -jf

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