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Tuesday Mar 19, 2013

another sxsw has come and gone. i miss having parties to go to at noon.
hello friends! i hope you're well. if you were at sxsw 2013, i hope your life has gone back to normal by now. it's taken on a "las vegas on spring break" sort of intensity. walking down one of the closed off streets feels like walking through a tunnel full of white noise, sunshine and bearded dudes in skinny jeans. it's a lot of days. it used to start on wednesday and end on saturday with a softball game on sunday... now it goes for a week and a half and i swear i saw a band playing a showcase at my 7-11. it's huge. it's just gonna get bigger and longer and add more things. by 2020,  it'll be "the 2020 sxsw music/film/interactive/television/comedy/comic con/podcast/cable news/audiobook/cell phone/music business reenactment/youtube/facebook/pintrest/ mustache - festival"... it just means more parties. is that good, bad or is it just change?
episode 155 is another sxsw mash-up with some of the festival's hottest tickets! up first is comedian/musician/rapper/host of the very popular podcast, "who charted", howard kremer a.k.a. dragon boy suede. i am a huge fan and i was glad he took some time to sit down and chat with me with me. we talk about podcasting, "austin stories", the new dragon boy suede album, "douche minutiae" and much, much more... our second guests are south carolina power pop band, a fragile tomorrow. i just walked in to a show, saw them playing and i was blown away. i had them come outside and talk to me and we talked about having their album produced by the great, mitch easter, some of the album's special guests are, the bangles, susan cowsill and amy ray! great band and great guys... our third guests are brooklyn dance/pop duo, no way josie! andrew and kym rode their bikes to my apartment and we talked about music, life, health, dancing and we laugh our asses off. i just love these guys so much. i had a blast chatting with them... last up, i got to catch-up with new york band, the attic ends. i finally got to see them play and it was fantastic. we had some cocktails and ducked into the driskill hotel bar and talked about their recent album and tour, songwriting, sxsw, being tall and much much more. there is also a lot of laughter on this one. i hope you enjoy these conversations. i really did. sxsw is gone, but i think i kept a little of the vibe on these two mash-up episodes. for pictures and updates, go to
ciao! -jg

Friday Aug 24, 2012

the juice!
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hello everyone! i hope you're taking summer's denouement in stride. i'm definitely feeling some "end of summer sadness". one way to get rid of the summer blues is to come see me and my friend joseph king play at the volstead lounge this sunday, august 26th. the volstead lounge is located at 1500 e. 6th st in austin texas. the show starts at 9. i'll play a set, joseph will play a set and then we'll play a set together. so come out to the volstead lounge on sunday and celebrate summer's end with the johnny and joseph show!
my guest for episode 97 is my old friend, actor/writer, karl anderson. i hadn't seen karl in a few months, when out of the blue i saw his face pop up in front of me at a gig last week. i was so surprised! karl and i have been friends for almost 18 years and have spent a lot of time talking art, music, books and of course, movies. plus, karl got me into bukowski. i'll never forget that! karl is a working actor here in austin. he's been in a lot of tv shows and movies. he was recently in a movie that got a lot of attention at the festivals over the last year called, "strings". i just saw it and it's amazing. it also stars one of our former guests, billy harvey. anyway, i'm really glad i got to sit down with karl and talk. i hope you enjoy it. i did.
ciao! -jg

Wednesday Apr 11, 2012

today's episode is sponsored by: The 7th Annual Marijuana Law for Musicians and DWI Law for Social Drinkers Monday, April 16th, 2012, at the Mohawk, Austin. 8-9pm. Free.
hello everyone! i am staying with two of my dogs for the next two weeks. they are both nudging my hands while i type this. i just realized that i think they're jealous because they think i'm petting this computer, which coincidentally, is their only rival for my attention. i wish jessi and beni would come back. i don't talk about it much on the podcast but i miss the hell out of them. they'll be back in august. thank god.
don't forget! if you're in austin, i'll be playing this sunday at hotel vegas at 7 pm opening for my friend, danny malone who plays at 8.
my guest for episode 60 is my dear friend and the amazingly talented, alexandra valenti! alexandra directed my videos for "back of a magazine" and "you can't pretend forever" (which she is in as well.) as well as the artwork for my album "el payaso" and tons of other bands... i met alexandra around 8 or 9 years ago through friends. they thought we would be great friends... they were right. i was glad alexandra was able to come by the apartment and talk to me about growing up in washington as the daughter of one of washington and hollywood's biggest influence peddlers, college at berkley, disappointing hollywood scriptwriting experience, lying her way into cool jobs assisting amazing photographers, video directing, album cover making, photography, art for art's sake and of course, the urban chicken movement. check out alexandra's work here i always have a good time with alexandra. i think you can tell. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i sure did.
ciao! -jg

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