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Thursday Jun 05, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am getting it together to leave to new york at 6 am for a couple of shows with SKYROCKET! and while i'm there, i'll be doing a couple of podcasts which you'll be hearing soon. anyway, if you're in nyc, come out to the hill country bar b que in manhattan and see SKYROCKET! saturday, june 7th at 9pm. also, while i'm on the promo train, come out to strange brew in austin, tx on tuesday june 17th where we will be recording a live "how did i get here? podcast with our very special guests, funny man charlie hodge, singer/songwriter graham wilkinson and the amazing band, sphynx! there's no cover and a good time will be had by all. speaking of live podcasts from strange guests for episode 280 "live at strange brew 2" are trish murphy, jazz mills, elizabeth mcqueen and suzanna choffel! we did this live this past tuesday and we had a blast. we heard a childhood radio recording from trish and her siblings from when she was 5 years old, we found out jazz mill has gotten into managing bands, we found out that elizabeth mcqueen has started several bands and we found out that suzanna choffel made her pledge music video with my ex-wife. awkward? listen and find out as i get to the bottom of things like "frenemies" etc. we had a great time. thanks to everyone who came out and thank you to the ladies for making this a great conversation. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 279: Ramin Nazer

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

hello friends! i hope you are all feeling the healing power of summertime. i know i am. i am getting some shit together for my live podcast tonight! tonight (tuesday, june 3rd 2014) i'll be talking to four of my favorite ladies at strange brew at 8 pm. my guests are jazz mills, trish murphy, elizabeth mcqueen and our very first guest, suzanna choffel! come out and be a part of your favorite podcast. also, we'll be doing another live show on tuesday, june 17th at 8 pm at strange brew. my guests on the 17th are charlie hodge, graham wilkinson and the band, sphynx! sorry for all the promo, but i'm excited to do these shows and i want an audience. i saw bob schneider play last night... if you never have, you should go see him. he really is amazing. my guest for episode 279 is comic/animator/musician/artist/writer, ramin nazer! if you live in austin, you might know ramin as "2012's funniest person in austin" winner. if not, you might know him from "the late late show with craig ferguson" or from his many thoughtful and irreverent animations or comic books. i met ramin a couple of years ago after watching him do stand-up. i think he's one of the funniest guys around right now. his comedy is smart, twisted and most of all, FUNNY! he has a great album out called, you were good too and you can find out all about his exploits online at we have a great conversation and i hope you enjoy getting to know ramin as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 278: CJ Morgan

Friday May 30, 2014

Friday May 30, 2014

hey rock and rollers! i hope you're all out there fighting the good fight and winning. i am well. i'm about to head out to houston and play at the house of blues bronze peacock room with SKYROCKET!. i'm not sure if it's sold out yet... check and see. tomorrow, saturday, may 31st we're playing at the one-2-one bar in south austin! it's our first time playing that room as SKYROCKET! and we'd love to see your pretty faces. while i'm on this insane promotional campaign, don't forget tuesday, june 3rd, we have a live "how did i get here?" recording at strange brew in austin, tx at 8 pm. my guests will be, suzanna choffel, elizabeth mcqueen and my bandmate in SKYROCKET!, trish murphy! here's some info on the show, come out and be part of the show!!!my guest for episode 278 is radio personality/podcaster/internet personality and all around hilarious dude, cj morgan! i've heard cj on the radio and i have been following him on twitter and facebook for a while. i find him so funny and entertaining but also very smart and with a strong and irreverent point of view which i always find the funniest and the most biting. anyway, cj came over with his sweet old doggie and we talked about his life, being on the radio, the internet, what's funny and much, much more. i really enjoyed getting to know cjmorgan. i know you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday May 23, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i'm up early today doing laundry and running some errands before i leave town for a couple of days of shows with SKYROCKET!. in fact, if you live in houston, we'll be playing at comic-palooza tomorrow, may 24th 2014. it takes place in the george r. brown convention center. check it out. also, we have a line-up for our live podcast on tuesday, june 3rd at strange brew in austin, tx... we have suzanna choffel, trish murphy, elizabeth mcqueen and jazz mills! it starts at 8 pm and you can find out more about it here, come out and be a part of our show! my guest for episode 176 is the one and only, steve poltz! steve is one of the most amazing performers/songwirters i have ever seen. hanging out with gets you fired up to do creative things. we got together last year during sxsw and had an amazing conversation that got a lot of response from you listeners. well, steve and i got together again a couple of days ago and went for a walk around the lake and recorded it! we had a great conversation about losing loved ones, not having kids, what it takes to write a song, what to do after gigs, his new album, the accident, his amazing new song, "folk singer" and much, much more. theres some ambient trail and road noise sometimes, but it's like you're on a walk with steve and i. i hope you enjoy our walk as much as i did.ciao! -jg

Episode 270: Randy Weeks

Tuesday Apr 29, 2014

Tuesday Apr 29, 2014

hello my friends. my guest for episode 270 is the talented singer/songwriter, randy weeks. you might know him best from his song, "can't let go" on lucinda williams' grammy winning album, car wheels on a gravel road. i saw randy play a couple of months ago at a benefit i was hoisting. we had a great chat backstage and i invited him to be on the show. turns out, he's a really great hang with an interesting story that goes from the 80's underground country/rock/folk scene in los angeles that included such luminaries as pete anderson, dwight yoakam, lucinda williams and many more to now when he's in austin, playing shows and starting a power-trio and much more. i hope you enjoy getting to know randy weeks. i sure did.

Friday Apr 18, 2014

hello sweet lovers! i hope you're all doing well. welcome to the third show of the week. there will three next week as well and then we'll go back to just 2 a week. hey! if you're seeing this on the day it comes out, (friday, 4/18/2014) and you're in austin, SKYROCKET! will be playing at hanover's in pflugerville tonight. those shows are always fun and we get to let our hair down and do some stuff we don't normally do. other than tonight, we don't have any shows this weekend. i know i'll be spending tomorrow, sat 4/19/2014 going to local record stores for record store day! check out our facebook page for pics of my adventures. or you can just follow me on instagram, i'm @johnnygoudie.105.3 the fringe is a new independent radio station here in austin that starts tomorrow! my guests for episode 266 are the guys that are heading it up, ray seggern and j.b. hager. ray is an old friend of mine from when he was at KNAC here in austin in the early 90's and as of late has been the host of "chillville" on 101x here in austin. j.b. was co-host of "the j.b. and sandy show" an extremely popular morning show in austin that ran for 18 years. anyway, the new jb and sandy morning show debuts this monday, april 21st when 105.3 fringe radio officially goes live. j.b. and ray came by to explain the philosophy of their new "left of center" radio station and we have a great conversation about radio and where it's going. i hope you enjoy this conversation as much as i did. ciao! -jg

Episode 255: Brian Standefer

Friday Mar 14, 2014

Friday Mar 14, 2014

hello my friends! this episode comes to you from the depths of SXSW 2014. things have been very crazy. i've been running around meeting people for interviews, seeing shows,  i went to awards and had such a great time, i was on a panel called, "the death of podcasting has been exaggerated" and today i'm doing 3 interviews then heading out to houston with my man, kyle crusham to play with SKYROCKET! at the continental club then right back after the gig and more interviews tomorrow. this sxsw has been really busy for me. it's been really fun too. i've enjoyed meeting so many musicians. i set up interviews with artists i really like so that's been a good thing, but it's been really busy. i've gotten some good interviews with really good bands, so be looking for those starting next guest for episode 255 is musician/composer/producer, brian standefer! when i first met brian in 90's he was playing cello for alejandro escovedo's band. since then he started a composing and production group called, screen door music with rob djursoe and bukka allen, composed music for commercials tv and film, started producing albums for other artists, had kids and continued to play cello with many different artists. i've always gotten along with brian. he's a great hang and we have a fantastic conversation. plus, i get to tell his heroic story about when he saved patty griffin's dog and i get to apologize for maybe ruining his wedding. check it out! have a great day.ciao! -jg

Friday Jan 31, 2014

hello my friends! i hope you're all doing well. i'm good. i think i'm going for a run this morning... i haven't run since it's been so cold. i hate running in the cold. after my run, i'm heading out to houston to play at the house of blues with skyrocket tonight. i went to a fun party last night and i got to see my dear, old friend, will play. the health alliance for austin musicians (HAAM) was honoring my friend shane matt for all of his work with the organization both raising money and through his dental practice. i want to remind you that i will be playing the mccormack family benefit next thursday, february 6th at strange brew in austin, tx. the event is from 6pm to midnight. special guests include, alejandro escovedo, kacy crowley, bill carter me and many, many more. if you're in austin, come out. here's a link guest for episode 243 is musician, author, painter and all-around artist, jesse sublett. jesse is one of those guys i've been around a few times over the last 20 years, but i've never really gotten to know him at all. i knew he was in the 70's punk band, the skunks along with jon dee graham and i knew he was an artist and had survived cancer. i had no idea that he wrote documentaries for the history channel or that he had written so many books or that in the 70's his girlfriend had been murdered in their home while he was playing a gig. he is easily one of the coolest people i have ever met. this episode is just part 1 of our conversations. i'm reading his memoir/true crime book, "never the same again" and it's absolutely fascinating. i hope you enjoy my conversation with jesse. i did.ciao! -jg

Episode 242: Kendall Beard

Tuesday Jan 28, 2014

Tuesday Jan 28, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. things are good here. i've been working on booking interviews for sxsw... it's gonna be nuts! i have a quick announcement to make for those of you in austin....The McCormack family home was severely damaged during the recent floods in the Onion Creek area. Help us help them recover from this loss by joining us for a special evening of music thursday, february 6th 6 pm- 12 am at strange brew in austin, tx. The McCormack Family Benefit special guests include Alajendro Escovedo, Matt McCormack & The Valley Below, Bill Carter, Stephen Doster, Randy Weeks, Phillip Gibbs, Kacy Crowley, Patricia Vonne, Rosie Flores, Matt Munhall, Johnny Goudie, Ryan Carter, Todd Wolfson. here's a link to the event guest for episode 242 is singer/songwriter and show biz veteran, kendall beard! kendall just released her first album, all around girl, a few months ago, but by the time she released it, she was already a seasoned veteran. she  started singing lessons at 10 years old, by 15 she was working with a professional singing group under the guidance of boyz 2 men in philadelphia, she made it as a semi-finalist on american idol, she started writing honest songs and working with my dear old friend, a.j. vallejo and now she's got all around girl to show where she's been. we had a great coversation. she was honest, entertaining and humble. i hope you enjoy getting to know kendall. i did.ciao! -jg

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