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Episode 279: Ramin Nazer

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

hello friends! i hope you are all feeling the healing power of summertime. i know i am. i am getting some shit together for my live podcast tonight! tonight (tuesday, june 3rd 2014) i'll be talking to four of my favorite ladies at strange brew at 8 pm. my guests are jazz mills, trish murphy, elizabeth mcqueen and our very first guest, suzanna choffel! come out and be a part of your favorite podcast. also, we'll be doing another live show on tuesday, june 17th at 8 pm at strange brew. my guests on the 17th are charlie hodge, graham wilkinson and the band, sphynx! sorry for all the promo, but i'm excited to do these shows and i want an audience. i saw bob schneider play last night... if you never have, you should go see him. he really is amazing. my guest for episode 279 is comic/animator/musician/artist/writer, ramin nazer! if you live in austin, you might know ramin as "2012's funniest person in austin" winner. if not, you might know him from "the late late show with craig ferguson" or from his many thoughtful and irreverent animations or comic books. i met ramin a couple of years ago after watching him do stand-up. i think he's one of the funniest guys around right now. his comedy is smart, twisted and most of all, FUNNY! he has a great album out called, you were good too and you can find out all about his exploits online at we have a great conversation and i hope you enjoy getting to know ramin as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Monday Dec 02, 2013

hello my friends! i hope you're all doing well out there. well, i've got some solo shows booked! they're early and they're in austin. as soon as i get some shows under my belt, i'll head out to some other places. anyway, i'll be playing december 21st at 6 pm at the one-to-one bar. i'll announce the other one as soon as i know what's going on. other than that... i got hbo. that's exciting. my guests for episode 226 are stillwater, oklahoma red dirt country band, celebrating their 25th anniversary, the red dirt rangers! they've just released a new album, lone chimney. i caught-up with them while they were in austin on a promotional tour for lone chimney. they guys stopped by and we talked about everything, living in oklahoma, what's red dirt music?, a near-death helicopter crash, touring, maintaining a band for 25 years and much, much more. special thanks to becky lynn and david sanger for setting this up. i hope you enjoy getting to know the red dirt rangers. i did. ciao! -jg

Episode 207: Dana Rossi

Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

what's up my friends? i am okay. i have some kind of cold or allergies or something that's fucking up my head. i've taken dayquill, so i'm a little kooky. that stuff makes me feel like i've taken some low-grade acid which s fine with me. i don't have the fortitude or patience to do acid anymore. i've been reaching out to some folks today to be on the show so hopefully in the months to come, i'll bring you some shows that you have been asking for. look out for guest for episode 207 is podcaster/writer/music fan, dana rossi. dana is the producer and host of the new york city based, soundtrack series podcast! it's a great show! i was on it a few months ago when they recorded a live one here in austin. here's a link to the soundtrack series podcast anyway, dana stopped by when she flew in from new york a few weeks ago to record another episode of the soundtrack series and we talked about everything, dating the amish, phili, new york, theater people, acting, singing, what's the right cheese steak place, music, her amazing podcast and much, much more. i had a great time getting to know dana. i'm sure you will too. ciao! -jg

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