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Episode 241: Steve Bernal

Saturday Jan 25, 2014

Saturday Jan 25, 2014

Hello my friends. if you normally listen to this show the day it comes out, i'm sorry it's late. i was coming home from a gig in dallas (i talk about the gig in the intro) with some friends on thursday evening when we hit a full-on texas winter snow and ice storm. it took us 7 hours to get 100 miles so we stopped in temple, texas and got the last two hotel rooms and waited out the storm. it was pretty hairy before we got the rooms. parts of the highway were just a sheet of ice. cars were sliding into each other. it was chaos in a winter wonderland. anyway, my friend darin was at the wheel and we made it home safe and sound yesterday afternoon. thanks darin. i was gonna put this out when i got home but i fell asleep and when i woke up in the evening i just ate some dinner and went back to sleep. i guess i needed it. my guest for episode 241 is bass player/cellist and my dear old friend, steve bernal! steve has an extremely interesting story about his journey into rock and roll as a bass player then learning a new instrument in the middle of his career. the cello. he actually went to school for it, joined an orchestra, toured with bands and has made a few albums. his latest is called, portals. it's an album of just bass, cello and drums. steve plays the bass and cello and the drums are played by the legendary barry "frosty" smith. steve and i talk about his colorful musical history, learning world beat and reggae on the road, playing with joe rockhead and a young bob schneider, being a sideman bass player, the billy white trio, learning cello as an adult, his new album, portals and much, much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation as much as i did. ciao! -jg

Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

hello my friends! i hope you are all on a winning streak. of course not the "charlie sheen" kind, just one where your own life is going well. mine is going pretty well. i'm getting ready to go see james mccartney with trish and darin from SKYROCKET! and i'm meeting a person i've never met there. it's not a blind date, just someone in town for a while that doesn't know anyone. it's a long story. i'll talk about it on friday's show. otherwise, i had a good weekend. SKYROCKET! played friday and saturday. both good shows. in the podcast, i talk about a lady who lifted her dress up to impress the band. we were not impressed. sunday, i was invited by former guest and super-cool chick, paula nelson to see her play at willie's 80th birthday. she had a great show and i had a good time... you'll hear all about it on the show today.
hey! quick reminder... i'm playing a solo show next monday, may 6th at the saxon pub in austin, tx at 7pm opening for bob schneider. the next monday, may 13th, i'll be doing a live podcast at the saxon pub at 7pm before bob schneider's show. my guests will be the edison chair and austin treasure, david cotton. i'd love to see you all there!
my guest for episode 167 is drummer/composer, brian lee sebastian. i've known brian for almost 30 years. he's an amazing drummer/composer/producer. we get into a long talk about his life, his travels, the bands he's played in, the choices he's made in his life and career and best of all, beating cancer. he's a beautiful person with a wonderful soul. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

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