Episode 1: Suzanna Choffel

welcome to "how did i get here?". i'm your host, johnny goudie. i am a musician and i will be interviewing musicians about what made them get into music, what drives them to create and how they handle their careers in hopes that we can learn about artists we like and also learn about some artists we've not yet heard of. hopefully, this podcast will become a part of your listening routine as so many podcasts have become part of mine.

episode one features suzanna choffel. suzanna just released an album called, "steady eye, shaky bow". the album is absolutely brilliant! in this interview, we'll learn what got suzanna into music, her life-changing six weeks in brazil and how she got here.

i'm new at this whole hosting/podcasting thing. i love doing and i have a lot of friends that can talk to in this format. if you have any suggestions as to how to make the show better or just general comments, please leave them for me. i'll even read them on the podcast. cheers! johnny

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