Episode 1039: Lady Heartwing

Happy Friday! Former Shy Beast front woman that now goes under the name, Lady Heartwing, Mariclaire Glaeser returns to the show for episode 1039! Lady Heartwing is a space goddess existing somewhere out there in the vast expanse of the multiverse; bewitching minds, enacting revenge and chasing unrequited love. Her latest single, "Afterglow" is available now along with the single, "Secret" wherever you stream or download your jams. Mariclaire and I have a great IN-PERSON conversation about, inventing Lady Heartwing and the multiverse from which she comes, building a house out in the country, writing as different characters, working with her husband on creative things, working with different producers for different parts of the big story and much more! I had a blast catching up with Mariclaire. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!

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