Episode 104: Little Radar

hey everyone! i hope you're doing well. first off, i want to thank everyone for the gifts. girl scout cookies, mints, etc... it's new record tuesday. a lot of albums came out today. everything from carly rae jepsen to dinosaur jr. did you buy any of these? do you have any recommendations? i would love to know. i'm always looking for new music, so let me know what's out there. if you live in new york, i am playing a solo show there THIS thursday, september 20th at zirzamin. i will be playing with my dear friend, joseph king and some other guests. here's the info. http://www.facebook.com/events/416836435039873/ if you're in new york, come on out and say hi to me. i'll also be doing some podcasts. i only have one confirmed as of now, but i think i can UP that.

my guests for episode 104 are sean hale and grant himmler from the band, little radar. i heard of them by talking to their publicist about another band. she sent me some links for other bands she works with and i just loved little radar. sean and grant came by and we talked about music, the origin of the band, their first e.p. kill a buffalo, their newest album, up in arms, their development as musicians and a band and the whole time there are a lot of laughs. i had a great time talking to these guys. they're a great band and you should listen to them. thank you.

ciao! -jg

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