Episode 106: The Couch / Carolyn Schwarz (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians)

welcome to the pleasure dome!

hey everyone! i hope you're well. i'd like to let you know that i will be playing a solo show this week at hotel vegas in austin, tx. i'll be playing with my old friend, john lefler from dashboard confessional. the show is from 8-10. check out this link for more info. http://www.facebook.com/events/494510857226133/ i hope to see you there!

on this show we get a special visit from carolyn schwarz from the health alliance for austin musicians (haam). they're having their annual haam benefit day on tuesday october 2, 2012. there will be music from 6 am to well after midnight with over 240 local businesses donating 5% of their earnings that day to haam. carolyn also explains what haam does and how it works. please got to www.myhaam.org for more information on all things haam.

my guests for episode 106 are taylor wilkins and sara houser form the band, the couch. sara and taylor came by a couple of weeks ago and we sat down and talked about their musical journey and how it brought the band together. i really like the band and i really like sara and taylor, they're really lovely people and i'm sure you'll love them and their music too. find out more about them at http://thecouchmusic.blogspot.com/

ciao! -jg

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