Episode 113: Oh Look Out

lo-fi jedi!

hello everyone! i hope you're well. i just got in from washington d.c... a quick one-day trip. i went up with skyrocket! to play a benefit. it was a great time. we had a good show and i walked around on thursday when we got there and the next day, i went running all around the white house and the national mall. i had a great time doing that. i also realized as i was running, that i don't cook enough. i live by myself and it's hard to motivate to cook for just yourself, but i'm going to do it. i need to eat healthier and i need to be a better cook. so, here we go. next week, i'm going to get all the right pots, pans, spices and knives to cook and start picking out recipes... maybe a couple a week. do you know any good recipes? send them to me. thanks!

my guest for episode 113 ishome-recording lo-fi-jedi,  jp pfertner, also known as, oh look out. there's a group of folks i know that grew up recording and writing on four-track cassette machines. jp is one of those guys. so am i! so, we had a lot to talk about.... from learning four-track and music to playing with bands to starting built by snow, becoming a father, making his own video (which is absolutely brilliant) and making his latest album, "orchestral fuzz". you can find out more about oh look out at http://ohlookout.com/ you can watch his video for "monster fiction" which is amazing! i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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