Episode 115: Ronsson & Johnny 8-Track / Southbound Drive

johnny hates kevin costner!

hello everyone! i hope you're well. we have a big show for you today. three different musical projects on one show! my guests for episode 115 are shane lawlor, formerly of electric touch now has a new thing called, ronsson. shane was in austin recording with his old friend from brighton, u.k., johnny aitken, a.k.a., johnny 8-track. i went down to the studio and caught with these two british rascals and had a laugh. my third guest is lucas griffin from the band, southbound drive. southbound drive just put out their first album, "agnes", produced by, chris "frenchy" smith (the darkness, the toadies). lucas came to the apartment and we sat down and i got to know him. great guy, great band. i hope you enjoy these conversations. i did.

ciao! -jg

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