Episode 117: Ryan Cownie a.k.a. Thad Newman MC

election day!

hello folks! i hope you're well and you're happy with who you voted for. just think, tomorrow we'll wake up and not have to hear about an election for a while... thank god!

my guest for episode 117 is comedian, ryan cownie. i've seen ryan do stand-up around three times an every time he's made me laugh until i cried. i went to charlie hodge's monkeyshine mondays last week and ryan got up and improvised a bit about the first time he was at the show and it just killed! anyway, i was glad ryan came by. we talked about his start in lincoln, nebraska when he was 17 putting on his own shows, working at the funny bone in omaha and moving to austin and becoming part of the up and coming comedy scene here. i hope you enjoy our converstion. i did.

ciao! -jg

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