Episode 119: Matt Sadler

hello people! it's finally cold and i love it! i bought a sweater the other day when i was playing in a ballroom at the galleria in houston. i saw the sweater in the window, fell in love, asked for a small, got a lot of sweet comments from the sales girl and bought it. i did not look at the price until she handed me the ticket to sign.... WOAH! it was expensive. so, i bought it anyway. then i watched kenny loggins perform and it was fabulous. i talk about it on the show.

my guest for episode 119 is comedian, fellow podcaster and my friend, matt sadler! outside of being an insanely funny stand-up comic, matt is the co-host of "the charlie hodge show"(on which i am a regular guest) and co-host of "totally hungover" with blynch and chuy zarate. i have gotten to know matt from my appearances on the charlie hodge show and i think he's really funny. so, i asked him to stop by and chat with me about being a touring comic, how he got into comedy and much, much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation.i did.

ciao! -jg

ps... let's get down!

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