Episode 1197: Jeremy Nail 2022

Hello friends! One of my favorite people and singer-songwriters, Jeremy Nail is my guest for episode 1197! His new album, the dreamy Behind The Headlights comes out this Friday, August 26th and he's celebrating with an instore at Waterloo Records on Fri. 8/26 and a release show at The Cactus Cafe on Saturday, 8/27. Peep his gorgeous new video directed by Todd V. Wolfson for "Something More" HERE. Go to jeremynail.com for show dates, music, videos and more. Jeremy and I have a great conversation about making Behind The Headlights at The Zone with Pat Manske, Bukka Allen, Greg White and more, how growing up in the expanse of West Texas informed the album's dreamy expansive sound, getting through 2020 and beyond mentally and emotionally, the coolness of drum machines and much more. I had a great time catching up with Jeremy. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!

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