Episode 12: Miles Zuniga - Fastball

good morning world! before my gig at the hole in the wall (across the street from the u.t. campus) last night, i walked over to the cactus cafe' (on the u.t. campus) and got to see some of miles zuniga's record release. he sounded great. i urge everyone to buy his album, "these ghosts have bones" as soon as you can. our show at the hole in the wall was a hard one for me. we've been playing venues with good monitors and space onstage... that place caught me off guard. maybe we should've just turned up really loud, played really fast and screamed. it used to work for my old band, goudie.

episode 12 features miles zuniga from fastball. miles has a new album coming out tuesday, sept. 27th. it's called, "these ghosts have bones". miles came by the apartment this week and we talked. he told us about growing up in laredo, moving to austin, learning to be a musician in a fertile music scene and getting record deals, being in fastball, dealing with the massive success of selling over a million albums and what that does, to putting out his own albums and making music on his own terms and making the best record of his career. i hope you enjoy my conversation with miles. i did.

also, don't forget.... our live podcast with the coveters is coming up. monday, october 3rd 8 pm at momo's in austin, texas. admission is free and we want you to come and see how we do this. have a great day! ciao! -jg

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