Episode 126: Robin Wiley

did you just wink at me?

i had a blast last night! i got to be a "celebrity" judge at the national karaoke league semi-finals here in austin. there were teams. they were creative and i laughed my ass off. then, i headed over to the continental club and saw my friend and former guest, tameca jones. she really brought down the house. plus, i had a great talapia and mashed potatoes and broccoli dinner.

my guest for episode 126 is the fabulous, robin wiley. i got to hang out with robin some last year when i would see her around at shows. she just put out a new album called, "sunflower", so i invited her over to the apartment for a chat. we talked about her journey from austin to new york to los angeles and back  to austin. and throughout her story, our conversation veers into personal things like dating etc.... and we laugh a lot. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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