Episode 127: Language Room

it's cold!!!!

hello everyone! i hope you are all doing well. i just got back from getting a cleaning at the dentist. my dentist is a huge music fan and had a great suggestion for the podcast... shake russell. does anyone know him? do you guys know how to find him? also, i have some bad news, i have to cancel my solo acoustic show in pflugerville this saturday due to an unexpected skyrocket show in houston. but don't worry, i'll be doing some solo shows in the new year. a lot.

my guest for episode 127 is todd sapio from the dreamy rock band, language room. language room put out their second album, skin & heart & lungs, earlier this year. i met todd a few years ago when the band was recording their first album with my friend, matt novesky. anyway, todd came by the apartment and we talked about his journey through this crazy business, living in l.a., recording their first album with matt novesky  and then their second with dwight baker, and the evolving sound of language room. i really enjoyed out conversation. i hope you do too.

ciao! -jg

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