Episode 129: Lance Keltner

lesson number 1. never, ever suggest anything to rod stewart.

hello everyone! i saw some beautiful music last night from my friends, bukka & sally allen, todd wolfson and brandy zdan. my friend todd has a music series where he puts together a group of musicians and everyone just plays. last night was very special. i really love sally and brandy's songs and voices. they sang some together. i think someday i would like to hear a whole record of that. i need to get all three of them on the show. i'll do that. hey! how is your christmas shopping coming?

my guest for episode 129 is the talented guitar player/songwriter, lance keltner. i've known lance for almost 20 years. we've played with a lot of the same musicians. but like many folks i've been around, i've never really had the chance to sit down and talk to him.i'm glad he did because i found out he's really funny and a great story-teller. so a couple of weeks ago, lance came by and we fixed that. he came to the apartment and we talked about his journey starting off as a professional guitar player at 12 then moving to austin, new york, l.a. and back to austin, major labels deal, indie labels, working with andy johns, european tours, a brief (and humorous) stint with rod stewart and his youtube channel where he gets to show you how to use bad ass music gear.... needless to say, i really enjoyed our conversation. i hope you do too.

ciao! -jg

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