Episode 136: Jazz Mills (cowboy & indian)

tempurpedic bed covers are fucking rad!

hello my friends! i hope you're in good shape today. i am. i got a wonderful present from the u.p.s. yesterday... a tempurpedic mattress cover pad thing... what are they called?!?! anyway, my ex-stepmom, coni had one on the bed i slept on while i was visiting in miami and i guess i was open about my love for it. so she got me one. let me tell you, they're great! if a whole tempurpedic mattress is out of your price-range, this is just as good. thank you coni! i sleep like a king!

my guest for episode 136 is the amazingly talented and incredibly cool, jazz mills. i've known and been around jazz for the last couple of years, but never really got the chance to sit down and talk. well, we took care of that. jazz came by yesterday and we talked about everything from her humble beginnings in san angelo, tx, her folk-singing mother and artistic father, wanting to be a super hero, moving to austin, playing music, from back-up singer in a funk band to co-founding the band, cowboy & indian and her other musical endeavors, motherhood and her solo album. all the while maintaining a level-head. i found out that i love jazz mills. after this conversation, you will too.

ciao! -jg

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