Episode 139: Aimee Bobruk

"can i make a request? could y'all play uncle cracker?"

hello friends! the first month of 2013 is winding down and our daily statistics are telling us that this is our best month yet. exiting, right? well,  first of all, thank you for listening. second, we're spending the next couple of months working on some changes to better serve you. so, look out!

last night, i went to the saxon pub to see bob schneider. one of my best friends, kyle crusham was playing guitar and contributing banter. the show was great. i wish i could've seen more. i got the after it had already started and it gets so crowded that if you don't get your spot, you cam lose some of the subtleties. anyway, i made my way to the middle of the crowd and was able to see more. maybe next time, i'll plan a little better. either way, it was a really great show and it's so good to know that each show is so unique and that you can go and be a part of it on any monday. i'm glad i'm starting to get out again.

our guest for episode 139 is singer/songwriter, aimee bobruk. aimee has a new album, /ba.’brook/ that comes out next tuesday (1/29/13). she's got some release shows staring this weekend. so i was glad that she was able to stop by a couple of weeks ago and talk to me about her journey as an artist. from her start in huntsville, tx to making her best album to date, "/ba.’brook/ .  i really enjoyed my conversation with aimee. i hope you do too.

ciao! -jg

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