Episode 14: Bruce Hughes (Bob Schneider, Jason Mraz, Poi Dog Pondering)

R.I.P. steve jobs 1955-2011. i'm typing this on my MacBook Pro. i think my friend, gina murphy, said it best when she said, "iSad".

episode 14 features my friend, bruce hughes. bruce is a great musician. primarily known for his work as a bass player (bob schneider, jason mraz, poi dog pondering, cracker and many more), he is currently working on his 3rd solo album and fronts his own band, bruce hughes & the all nude army. in this interview,  you will learn about bruce's obsession about playing a "battle of the bands", how he moved from guitar/piano to bass, his stint with dr. john, poi dog pondering, the story of thew scabs and sooooo much more.  i hope you enjoy my conversation with bruce. i did!

ciao! -jg

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