Episode 144: Dye4

"i bring the ruckus!"

hello friends and foes alike! i hope you are all doing well. i'm good. i ended my self-imposed exile this week by going out for three nights in a row! i saw two music shows and last night, i saw comedian jb smoove from "curb your enthusiasm". he was amazingly funny. he did a two-hour set. i'm sore from laughing so much. also, i saw brooklyn's black taxi on the first night of their month-long austin residency. great show! if you live in austin, go to the parish one of these wednesdays and see them for yourself. you won't be disappointed. also, if you live in austin, i'll be playing a show tomorrow (saturday, febraury 9th 2013) at strange brew. i'll be opening for tony scalzo from fastball. come out. say hi.

my guest for episode 144 is the incredibly cool, chris dye from the band, dye4. for starters, i thought chris was a different chris dye. i know. weird. turns out, he has amazing songs and a truly fascinating story. we have a lot of the same influences and he is a super-nice guy. we talk about growing up in california, the punk scene, hollywood, crashing and burning on drugs and moving to austin and making an incredible album and building log cabins. seriously! join me as i get to know chris dye.

ciao! -jg

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