Episode 145:Bill Carter

hello friends and masterful pole-dancers! happy fat tuesday! i hope you're all doing well and getting ready for valentine's day. i have no valentine.  so, i'm dealing with that. maybe i should do something anti-valentine's, like hang out with a bunch of angry dudes and watch a sport at a tittie bar... or maybe i should pretend to be in love with someone i don't know very well for 24 hours and disappoint them repeatedly for that time period... as you can see, i have a lot of options, so this is going to be a good week for me.

my guest for episode 145 is incredible songwriter, bill carter. bill and his ever-evolving band, the blame, have been a part of the austin music scene for over 30 years. along with life/songwriting partner, ruth ellsworth, he's had songs covered by over 200 artists including stevie ray vaughan, the fabulous thunderbirds, robert palmer, the counting crowes, storyville, omar and the howlers, the brian setzer orchestra, waylon jennings and many, many more. bill came over and we talked about his crazy journey, a disciplined work ethic, the west memphis three, his life in rock and roll and much much more. his new album "unknown" is out and it's incredible. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i sure did.

ciao! -jg

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