Episode 146: Dustin Welch

hello my friends! i hope you are all well and that you survived a week that had fat tuesday, ash wednesday and valentine's day. did you give up something for lent? i was going to give something up but i didn't know where to start. so like a deer in the headlights, i just stood there staring blankly into space drinking, smoking, eating badly and masturbating without any kind of regulation. i'm telling you, it's a mess over here. i hope this week didn't blow your mind.

my guest for episode 146 is my good friend and brilliant singer/songwriter, dustin welch. dustin has a new album that just came out this past tuesday (2/12/13) called, "tijuana bible". it's dustin's second album and it's getting amazing reviews. i highly recommend it. i was glad dustin could stop by this week and chat with me about montessori school, his musical family (dad, kevin welch and sister savanna welch of the trishas), sweat lodges, being a songwriter in nashville, joseph campbell, moving to austin and everything that makes him tick. dustin is a smart, thoughtful and heartfelt guy. i love hanging out with him. after you listen, you'll see why.

ciao! -jg

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