Episode 149: Emmy Robbin

in 2013, let's bring back the house party.

hello folks! how are you? i am doing well on this windy and gorgeous day in austin, texas. i had a good weekend. i played at the house of blues in houston with SKYROCKET! on saturday. it was a great time. it was our first show after our two-week break and it was nice to be back to work. we'll be back in houston this friday, march 1st at rockefeller hall. if you're in houston, come on out. while i'm talking about upcoming shows, my former band, liars & saints in reuniting for a show! we'll be playing wednesday, march 6th at antone's here in austin. if you're in austin, come out. i don't know when we'll be playing again. i'm looking forward to it. i miss those guys.

my guest for episode 149 is actor/singer/masseuse to the stars, emmy robbin. you guys might know emmy from her work in "grindouse: planet terror", "machete", "sin city" or her latest film, "i didn't come here to die", which is available at the red box and on itunes. i've known emmy since her days at ME TV, (austin's 24 music television channel) and we've always been pals. i saw "i didn't come here to die"  a few weeks ago and i asked her to come by for a sit down. so she did and we talked about, growing up in the country, ME TV, her roles in robert rodriguez films, hanging out with quinten tarantino, toplessness in horror films, dating, the southern sirens, her band, dead love club with the vallejo brothers and much, much more. emmy is a great hang and fun person to talk to. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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