Episode 150: George Reiff

today there is no pope and if someone utters the phrase, "paper or plastic", they will be shot in the face. is this martial law?

hello lovely people! i hope this podcast finds you well. i'm suffering from allergies or a cold or maybe i just need to get laid. i'm not really sure anymore. hey! this is episode 150!!!!! can you believe it? 150 episodes of this crazy show! thank you for listening! we're growing every month and that's very exciting. next up, we're looking forward to bringing you some crazy sxsw shows. i'll be set up at the austin music awards, i'll be walking the streets, i'll be going to parties, i will occasionally have some cocktails and i'll be doing some interviews here at the apartment. i'm pretty excited about it.

quick announcement. liars & saints (me, kacy crowley, jeremy nail, palli pal and joe humel) is reuniting for a show next week! we'll be playing at antone's in austin, texas on wednesday, march 6th 2013 at 9 pm. we haven't played since last sxsw. so, if you're in austin, come out! here's a link to the event page http://www.facebook.com/events/487782484602238/

my guest for episode 150 is amazing bass player/producer and my dear old friend, george reiff. i first saw george play in 1989 and have been a huge fan and we've been good friends ever since. i am a huge fan of george as a musician and as a dude. you might know george from his production work with such luminaries as, ray wylie hubbard, the band of heathens, sheboygan and many more. you may also know him as a bass player with such acts as, ray wylie hubbard, jakob dylan, the courtyard hounds, ian moore, chris robinson (the black crowes), charlie sexton and MANY, MANY more. george also gives some keen insight and advice on being a sideman in demand, we talk about the 22 shows in one sxsw and so much more. we try to cover everything in this show. there will have to be a return visit. i love george and everyone who meets him feels the same way. i'm so glad we got to do this. i hope you enjoy it. i did.

ciao! -jg

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