Episode 152: Sphynx

they're here...

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you well. i'm doing well. i'm a bit exhausted. i played all week with liars & saints and skyrocket!. i smashed my fingers in a cab door the other night, so the last two shows have been a bit painful. painful, but fun. sxsw is here! the streets are filled with people. a lot of hip looking people. it's a scene. i'll be updating as much as possible to our facebook page, my twitter and instagram. check them out! are you in austin for sxsw? if you are, tweet at me @johnnygoudie and say hi!

my guests for episode 152 is one of my favorite new bands, sphynx. i happened to see them when i went to see my friends, black taxi and got there early. i thought they were amazing! they have great songs, a great stage show. their music has an uplifting element that really makes me want to listen to it and that's really exciting for me. anyway, i had them come to my apartment and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they're totally sweet, grounded and soulful guys. we talk about everything to growing up in the church to living on a modern commune. please enjoy my conversation with these very sweet, talented and entertaining guys. ladies and gentlemen, my friends, sphynx.

ciao! -jg

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