Episode 154: SXSW 2013 Part 1- The Parlotones, Zeale, Grace London

greetings from sxsw 2013! i hope you'r doing well. if you're in this madness, good luck. if you're not, i hope enjoy these tales of a music conference gone insane. i've seen a lot of music and i've met a lot of folks. there will be a part 2 next week and maybe a part 3. in the next episode, you'll get to hear my sit down chat with comedian/rapper, howard kremer a.k.a dragon boy suede. i'm meeting a pop duo in a minute called, no way josie from nyc. so things are busy. jake's been taking some pics with a nice camera and we'll be uploading them soon.

episode 154 is a sxsw mash-up with some of the festival's hottest tickets! first up, south africa's biggest rock band with 16 top-40 hits in their country, the parlotone's. the band stopped by during their hectic sxsw schedule to talk about their recent move to the u.s., touring the world, their new e.p., "shake it up" and much, much more... second, i met up with austin rapper, zeale. zeale's been on tour a lot for the past year with awol nation, he's been playing redbull events, hosting parties and making records. we had a good chat. my third guest for this episode is the incredibly talented teen rocker, grace london. grace came in from l.a. and came by the apt. to chat about her new album, "rocketship girl", writing songs, recording with brian beattie, playing with jonas wilson, being a teenage feminist and much more. i hope you enjoy these conversations. i did. now, off to the madness. let's get down!

ciao! -jg

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