Episode 16: Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Watchtower many more)

thanks to VH1 classics' "that metal show", i have gotten an education over the last couple of years. i knew and liked a lot of the hard rock and metal that was popular when i was in jr. high like, judas priest, ozzy's first two solo albums, some iron maiden, van halen etc... but i never heard bands like saxon, accept, king diamond or anything like that until i was an adult. so, i'm learning. i love what i'm learning. oh! i watched scorsese's documentary about george harrison... brilliant! watch it!

episode 16 features jason mcmaster from, watchtower, dangerous toys, gahdzilla motor company, broken teeth, ignitor, evil united and many, many more.  jason is a metal legend. he's been inducted to the texas music hall of fame and influenced many bands that went on to influence many other bands. he is an extremely creative and driven artist who has stayed true to who he is and that is always commendable. i've had the pleasure of knowing jason for quite a few years. i've always enjoyed talking to him and watching him perform. i was excited to get to sit down and talk to him about growing up in and leaving corpus christi, joining watchtower and dangerous toys and his many other bands, what it means to be a metal fan, his love for making music and how he got here. i hope you enjoy it too ciao! -jg

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