Episode 163: Rob Mungle

"one question... can i perform shakespeare there?"

hello my lovelies! i hope this episode finds you happy and healthy. i think i'm happy and healthy. i am running out the door to tape an episode of the hodgecast. the hodgecast is a podcast hosted by my friend, charlie hodge. he and his co-host, matt sadler have been guests on this show and i have been on their show many, many times. i'm looking forward to it. i bet it will be up tomorrow. i'm thinking about making t-shirts... would you want a t-shirt? tweet at me. let me know. maybe i should put someone in charge of it. shit! i need an intern. i'm terrible at getting these kinds of things done. then when i get them done, i'm terrible at keeping up with them. let's see what happens.

my guest for episode 163 is stand-up comic and part of the whiskey brothers podcast, rob mungle. i've known rob for a few years. he comes out to the SKYROCKET! shows in houston. we usually talk and hang for a bit. he's a great guy. he's a very funny guy. the whiskey brothers podcast was just at #38 on the itunes comedy podcast chart. that's quite an accomplishment. he came by my hotel when i was in houston a few weeks ago and we sat down and talked about the comedy scene, podcasts and much, much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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