Episode 168: David Holt

i think i found a name for the listeners of this podcast. "stabilizers"! what do you think? tweet at me... @johnnygoudie

hello my friends! can you believe my show got cancelled last night because of wind and cold? it's may in texas!!!!! anyway, i'm sure i'll get over it. i ended up falling asleep before 10 which is why i'm up so early. before i fell asleep, i saw "silver linings playbook". it's good. no one ever talks about the "dirty dancing" sub-plot... i thought that was kind of weird. that jennifer lawrence has a nice butt too. no one ever told me about that either. it was a nice surprise. it was also nice to see robert deniro acting again and not just making that "robert deniro" face for a paycheck.

speaking of making a face for a paycheck, i'll be playing a solo acoustic show THIS monday, may 6th at 7pm at the saxon pub in austin, tx opening for bob schneider. then, the next monday, may 13th at 7 pm at the saxon pub in austin, tx, i'll be doing a live podcast with the band, edison chair and austin treasure, david cotton. come out and support! let's get down!

my guest for episode 168 is rock and roll guitar legend, david holt! you might know david from his work with carlene carter, joe ely, bill carter and the blame, the mavericks, storyville and many, many more! david is amazing guitar player, from a region that spawned amazing guitar players. he was even born in the same hospital as stevie ray and jimmie vaughan in dallas! he came by a couple of weeks ago and we got to talk about everything... his upbringing in lubbock, being mentored by jesse taylor, joining joe ely's band, nashville, the mavericks, his partnership with david grissom, his solo efforts, his new band, the eighty-sixxed and much much more. i've been friends with david for a round 20 years and we've always gotten along. he's sweet, funny and tells great stories. i really enjoyed my conversation with this incredible talent. i hope you do too.

ciao! -jg

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