Episode 17: Jon Dee Graham

hello my friends! it's been a crazy week. i had a birthday. i played in houston on friday and saturday with SKYROCKET! i got to spend the day saturday with my family and seeing my new baby cousins, elena and carlos. that was all good. there was a "48 hours" show about my mom's trial. that was weird, but i got a lot of nice comments from people. thank you. the show had music from my band, liars & saints.  people had some nice comments about that as well and thank you.

episode 17 features my friend, jon dee graham i've known jon since the 90's and i have always enjoyed sitting down and talking to him. he's always seemed like a guy trying to keep stay grounded and living each day as it comes... sounds cool, but it's harder than you think. jon came by the apartment to share his story and i feel like i learned a lot about him. he can be found on wednesday and sunday nights at the continental club in austin, texas. i hope you enjoy our conversation. ciao! -jg

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