Episode 171: The Kids Are Alright! Eric Dingus / Finley Sexton & William Harries Graham

hello folks! i had a great time doing the live podcast at saxon pub last night. i love the band, edison chair. great music! super-entertaining guys! also, david cotton was a treat. i'm looking forward to the next one! i would love to get these going where i'm doing at least one per month. what do you think of that?

we have  special themed show today called, "the kids are alright". in this episode i talk to 18 year old electronic musician and hip-hop beat maker, eric dingus and i also talk to the even younger, second generation musicians, william harries graham & finley sexton. william and finley are into organic music.  i've known finley all of her life and i've seen her play. she's amazing. she writes beautiful songs and plays and sings very well. i've seen william play some, he's very good. he's also incredibly industruious. he curates and hosts an extremely popular teen music night called, proper nang night, at maria's taco express, he writes for the austin chronicle and he's putting together a teen music festival that will be held this summer. also, he's 14. first up, i talk to eric dingus. eric has been making electronic music in his bedroom studio and releasing it on bandcamp and soundcloud. he's incredibly prolific. he's also been making beats and selling them to underground rappers that he's met on the internet.  these are stories from new musicians that have completely different approaches and styles. i hope you enjoy my my conversation with them. i sure did.

ciao! -jg

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