Episode 177: Jonas Wilson

hola amigos! i hope you are all enjoying this first week of summer! i am. i've gone swimming, i'm working on my summer 2013 playlist, i've chosen my summer jam ("get lucky" by daft punk), planning a family week at the beach and i'm buying my new bathing suit this week. aahhhh... summertime. where are you at with your summer prep? is your playlist together? are you ready for this shit or what? let me know what your summer jam is. let me know on our "how did i get here?"  facebook page or tweet it at me @johnnygoudie .

we have a special live podcast coming up wednesday, june 19th at 7pm at strange brew in austin, tx. guests will be, nakia, jazz mills, aj vallejo and the boxing lesson! if you're in austin, come out and join on the fun! here's a link to the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/378483682257752/?ref=22

my guest for episode 177 is producer/engineer/musician/singer/songwriter, jonas wilson! i've known jonas since he was a teenager. we've played together, made an album together and spent a christmas together. he's a great guy and he's got a great story... starting out as a teenage blues player, getting out of being a teenage blues singer, building studios, his many bands, losing a studio in the bastrop fires of 2011 and rebuilding, making his first solo album under the name, the plastic habit and much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.


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