Episode 178: Conrad Choucroun

hello my friends! i hope you've had a good week. i have. it's been busy. i've been playing gigs, doing podcasts, booking podcasts, booking gigs. speaking of which, i'll be playing a long solo brunch show this sunday. should be interesting. i think i need to start going out and "meeting people". i'm feeling a bit like a shut-in. maybe now that i've chosen my 2013 summer jam ("get lucky" by daft punk), i'll start attending some pool parties and meeting some folks. i saw a cute girl at our show last night. i waved. she waved back. so i guess that's a start...

my guest for episode 178 is amazing drummer, conrad choucroun! you might know conrad from his work with bob schneider, nrbq, banana blender surprise, ian mclagan, bruce and charlie robison, kelly willis and many, many more. conrad came by a few weeks ago and we got to sit down and talk about everything... joining banana blender surprise when he was 15, the black cat lounge, playing with greats, learning, touring, making albums and much, much more. i really enjoyed my conversation with conrad. i hope you do too.

ciao! -jg

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