Episode 181: The Parish Festival

full-tilt summer!

hello my sun kissed angels of summertime! it's here! i went to a badass pool party on sunday at my friend, joe's place on sunday. amazing time. salt water pool. dance party in his apt after the pool portion. i had such a good time, i left my 70's party towel and my hat there. saturday i went to barton springs. i love it! i have no gigs this weekend so i'm going find this week's party. maybe joe will have one. maybe you're having one and you should invite me.

don't forget... tomorrow!!!! wednesday, june 19th 2013 we're doing a live podcast at strange brew in austin, texas at 7pm! my guests will be nakia, jazz mills, aj vallejo and the boxing lesson. we'll be giving away some prizes and taking some questions form the audience. if you're in austin, come out and be a part of the show!!!

my guests for episode 181 are jamey cummins and andy rappel from the parish festival. they started the band about 8 years ago in davenport, iowa. their self-titled e.p. is coming out in july. andy and jamey came by the apartment and we talked about iowa, making the move to texas, forming and reforming, recording at home and much, much more. i really liked meeting these guys. plus, i made new friends. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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