Episode 188: Ellen O’Meara

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you happy and healthy. things are going well. if you're receiving this on the day it comes out, i'll be playing some songs with the bluebonnets tonight  tuesday, july 16th 2013 at 10:30 at the continental club in austin, tx. i used to have an all girl (except for me) band a couple of years ago with kathy and dominique from the bluebonnets. anyway, we've been rehearsing and i LOVE playing with them. it's so fun and they ROCK!!!!!! kathy and i have been talking about getting something going... i want it to be like that. fuckin' straight-up rock and roll!!!! let's get down!

my guest for episode 188 is talented singer/songwriter, ellen o'meara. ellen has just put out her first album, "take me to the desert". in fact, ellen has pretty much just started playing and writing songs over the last couple of years! most people wouldn't be making their debut album with some of austin's best musicians, but ellen did because she's totally amazing. not only is she a naturally gifted singer/songwriter, she's also an amazingly humble and and sweet person. she came by the apartment and we talked about everything... growing up in west texas, nursing, lack of pop culture, old souls, discovering music, "you should be on the voice", getting out there and doing it and making an album with great musicians. i had a great time getting to know ellen. she's a special person and i think you're gonna like her too.

ciao! -jg

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