Episode 194: Danny Phillips

hello friends! i hope this podcast finds you well. i'm feeling much better. being sick sucks. especially because i got all into "breaking bad" again. i watched the last season on netflix while i was sick and now the final season is starting and i don't have cable. does anyone have "breaking bad" parties on sundays? maybe if you have a nice house, you should. then you could invite me and i could be caught up with the rest of the world. oh! before i forget, i am going to be part of a very special show this friday, august 9th 2013 at the scottich rite theater in austin, tx. it's a tribute to elliot smith and it's put on by my dear old friend, david' garza and there are a lot of special guests like, nakia, suzanna choffel, nina diaz (girl in a coma), jason lyttle (grandaddy) and many, many more. here's a link to the show. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/401890

my guest for episode 194 is singer/songwriter, danny phillips. i didn't know danny when he came over for a podcast. i had heard some of his music which i liked and read his bio which i found interesting. to be honest, i wasn't quite ready for the journey that has been danny's life. once we started talking, it was very easy. we seemed to have an understanding of 80's music and the way it was made. to say the least, we hit it off. what a great guy and what an amazing and beautiful story he has. we talk about everything, growing up in san francisco, getting into music, moving to l.a., signing to geffen, the difficulties of the business, touring, becoming a dad, drugs, moving to austin, making new music and much, much, more. i really enjoyed getting to know danny. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!

ciao! -jg

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