Episode 195: Joanna Barbera

hello my friends! i hope you're all doing well. i have had a crazy week. my dog taylor, face-planted at barton springs and broke two of his front teeth. after an emergency surgery, he's fine, healthy and back to normal. i get to be part of this elliot smith tribute tonight that benefits the SIMS foundation here in austin. my friend, david' garza put it together. the band is wicked and some of the singers are, suzanna choffel, nakia, tameca jones, amy cook, ben kweller, dana falconberry and many. many more. i posted my rehearsal pics on instagram. i am @johnnygoudie on there. check them out. 

my guest for episode 195 is the lovely and talented, joanna barbera. i met joanna when she came over for the interview and we totally hit it off. we've stayed in touch since the interview and are actually doing a show together next sunday 8/18 at the scoot inn. she just put out an album this summer called, forget. it's fantastic! i've been listening to it a lot lately. anyway, joanna came by the apartment and we talked about her journey through love, life and music. it's a great conversation and i really loved getting to know joanna. i'm sure you will too.

ciao! -jg

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