Episode 20: Quiet Company (Taylor Muse)

it's cold outside! it's cold outside! it's cold outside! well, not cold, but chilly. i'll take it!

do you ever go to a party with the intention of staying a finite amount of time, but somehow, usually through the use of alcohol and just having a good time, the time limit you've set for yourself is stretched? well, last night, my girlfriend, jessi came-up with a solution... she set an alarm. yes.  she set a party alarm. we gave ourselves 1 and 1/2 hours to "party" and then we left when the alarm went off. i was able to wake up super early, do laundry, finish putting episode 21 together, post episode 20 and get ready to interview kelly willis for episode 22. all before i leave town at 2 to play some gigs this weekend. party alarm; try it!

my guest for episode 20 is taylor muse from the band, quiet company. i have just started listening to them and I LOVE THEM!!!!!! their new album, "we are all where we belong" is a powerful personal statement set to gorgeous music and simply, a joy to listen to. i met with lead singer, taylor muse for lunch at a place called, weirdo's, for fifty cent wings and had a good conversation about how taylor and his band, quiet company got here. we did the interview outside and it was pretty noisy, so this podcast has a bit of a different sound. they will from time to time because i'll be in different locations for some of these interviews. anyway, when i listened to it, i noticed it at first, but then after a few minutes, it didn't phase me. what do you think? here's my conversation with taylor muse from quiet company.

ciao! -jg

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