Episode 205: Leopold and His Fiction

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you well. i'm sorry it came out a little late. i've been working like crazy and traveling and trying to nap because i haven't been sleeping too well lately and if i don't sleep, my voice gets funky. and not a good funky. anyway, i played at the haam day event yesterday. i had a great time. i love that i got to see shoulders, american people, grace london and william harries graham. SKYROCKET!'s been playing a lot lately, you'll hear all about it on this episode. we'll be at the house of blues bronze peacock in houston this friday, 9/27. if you're in houston, come out!

my guest for episode 205 is daniel james from the band, leopold and his fiction. they've been on tour since april traveling across the country over and over. daniel has a brilliant rock and roll vision. i'm sold. leopold and his fiction is an amazing rock and roll band. we had a great conversation we talked about, his other band, cowboy and indian, what it takes to make a band "go all the way", fatherhood, detroit, rock and roll and much, much more. daniel is a great guy and i am a fan of his and his band. you will be too after this show. i promise. let's get down!

ciao! -jg

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