Episode 210: Johnny talks to Tricia Mitchell about his insensitive joke tweet/facebook post from 10/09/13

hello friends. welcome to this special episode of "how did i get here?". this morning i was watching the today show and checking my email when i saw or heard something about a new bridget jones movie where she's 50 years old. i didn't like the other two movies, so i figured i wouldn't like the third. i had a thought that made me laugh so i put it on twitter and facebook. it read "bridget jones in her 50's... what's the opposite of masturbate?" some people commented on it being funny. however, a couple of people didn't think it was funny. i asked one of the people if they would like to get together and discuss it in person on the podcast. her name is tricia mitchell. she said yes and invited me to her house. she even made me lunch. i thought it would be great to sit down face-to-face and discuss our differences instead of a "facebook comment war" or something stupid like that. i'm glad i did it. she was very nice and even though we have different views, we were able to talk about them and somehow have a better understanding of each other. what do you think? let's get down!

ciao! -jg

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