Episode 215: The Rocketboys Return!

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you doing the 50 in under 10 seconds. i am doing well. if you're getting this on the day it comes out (10/25/13) and you live in houston, SKYROCKET! is playing the house of blues houston 5th anniversary party. we're excited about that. we'll be staying in houston for a private halloween gig where we'll be trading sets with a band all night. i'll let you know how it went next week. my girlfriend's dad is coming to town next week. i'm off friday and i'm looking for something fun for us to do as a group. apparently, they want to see music... is anyone playing in austin on friday, 11/1?

my guests for episode 215 are justin wiseman and brandon kinder from the rocketboys! this is the rocketboys' second appearance on the show. brandon, the singer, came by last year for the release of their last album, build anyway. this time i'm joined by brandon and keyboard player justin to talk about the last year of their lives which includes touring the whole time with such bands as reliant k, twenty-one pilots, the almost and the mowgli's. they're about to go back to the east coast and the midwest out with the mowgli's in november. before they take off, they'll be playing a free show THIS sunday (10/27/13) in austin at umami mia's at 3 pm. anyway, we have a good talk about touring, writing, recording, should you mess around with a guy in shades? and much, much more. the rocketboys are an amazing band. you should buy their album and go see them. i love hanging out with justin and brandon. i'm sure you will too.

ciao! -jg

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