Episode 23: Billy White

occupy austin protestors are still camping out outside of city hall. their camping has cost the city thousands in extra police etc. also, at this point, isn't it just the dregs down there? do you think protesting like that does anything? is it awesome? am i just too cynical? what does that have to do with this podcast? oh! i'm going to new york tomorrow to play a couple of shows with SKYROCKET! and i want to go see some occupy wall street people and see what they're all about. BUT, if you live in new york, please come see SKYROCKET!. we're playing thursday, november 10th at Hill Country Barbecue located at 30 W. 26th St #1 new york, ny. find out more by going to www.hillcountryny.com . come out and see the show!

my guest for episode 23 is an old friend, billy white. for those of us that live here in austin, billy was an integral part of the scene in the 90's with his bands, 6 is 9 and the billy white trio. billy and i used to spend a lot of time together back then. he even produced an album for a band i had. since then, billy has lived in new york, madrid, san miguel dellande and a few zen communes in new york and new mexico. during that time he has dedicated himself to learning flamenco guitar and has made a gorgeous album that we'll talk about and you'll hear some of. i met billy for lunch at polvo's mexican restaurant here in austin. it's a little loud... but hey, it was lunch time. also, if you're in austin, be sure to go see billy's performance at SANCTUARY at Amala Foundation 1006 South 8th Street, Austin, TX 78704 and if you are inetersted in buying billy's music, click here, blanco.bandcamp.com

as always, thank you for listening. ciao! -jg

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